What should I do if my tablet is not working?

When your tablet stop working it doesn't mean you have to buy a new one. Here at UBreakiFix, you can get the professional help to fix your problem immediately it can be due to a dual-screen issue in which a graphic program stops the mouse cursor from moving it across multiple screens. While facing this problem make sure that all window updates are properly installed.

If your tablet program is not running correctly in window 7 try to run the program in administrator mode by right-clicking the application and selecting run as the administrator. Updating a program may help you to function in the system properly. One fix may help you to get your point by fixing your problem.

You can also try to run the program in compatibility mode. Open the program in compatibility mode by pressing on the start button and then go to the control button by clicking the program - and then use an older program with this version of the window. You will see a compatibility wizard on the screen; follow the instruction to see the compatibility wizard. If your tablet is not working properly after installing the drivers check the following steps that may help you to get over this problem.

First of all, unplug the tablet USB plug from the system and remove all drivers of the tablet. Reconnect table USB with the computer system. Make sure tablets led is blinking or not if it doesn't show any signal try to connect it with another USB port or a different USB cable. Check your tablet working area by moving the cursor. If moving properly, shows that the hardware system is ok. Download the latest version of the driver and restart your computer system. After restarting the computer you will be able to find out the tablet icon within there. If your system still didn't work visit UBreakiFix, get professional help to sort out your Problem