Why won't my computer turn on?

If your Desktop is not turning on - A lot of reasons can create this situation on any operating system that fails your system to working properly. So if you are pressing power on button and nothing happens let's look at a few possibilities. It might be due to electricity problem that your system might not be able to get in. Examine the Power cord to verify its condition. In case of any damage, you need to replace it immediately. Otherwise, everything backs and try again. Take your system at UBreakifix and sort out all your issues by taking the services of Professionals.

Still doesn't respond? Verify the electrical outlet by plugging something else - like a lamp into the same socket. If you find out any problem in your surge protector check it properly you make sure that a wandering toe didn't turn it off. If your socket is working properly you have to replace the power cord and buy a new one specific to your laptop model.

It can also be due to the power supply problem so if nothing happens you should try to replace it. The desktop chip is not much expensive that you can't afford, it's very cheap and can be replaced very easily. That's not very easy to do unless you take the services of a professional. I recommend you to visit UBreakifix that helps you to get over this problem.

If your PC fails before a window can load it go to the PC setup program to make sure that the hardware is recognized and in the boot sequence. Check the booting system with a live Linux disk or a flash drive to verify that if you are able to access the content of the drive properly.